Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg
Gagnant Cycle supérieur

Lycée des Arts et Métiers


Pleimling Christiane (Français) Jehle Christine (Allemand) Jenny Schank (Anglais) Marc Haas (COMME communication et médias)


Cycle supérieur


We are a “2e classique informatique et communication” of the Lycée des Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg. We chose to participate in the Concours Jeune Journaliste” because we were interested in gaining journalistic experience and in accepting a challenge. The hardest part was the small size of the team, eight students with the help of four teachers to be exact, as well as finding an expert to explain the main ideas of a foundation to us. Despite the challenges, we learned valuable lessons through the process of conducting interviews, organizing a team in the same way journalists do and expanding our knowledge on foundations.

Even Ben
Ferreira  Tessy
Gilson Erik
Leuck Chris
Ocaktan Semih
Stamer Max
Szatmári Sebestyén
Wagener Nicolas